The Worship Ministries at St. Virgil Parish include:

Altar Servers (Children & Youth)
Fifth grade through high school boys and girls who serve at the altar for Sunday and Holyday celebrations.
Contact: Parish Office (973) 538-1418

Altar Servers (Adult)
Adults who serve at the Altar (including funerals and memorial services)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Adults who serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass and bring Holy Communion to the sick and home bound.
Contact: The Parish Office at 973-538-1418 to serve Mass.

Music Ministry
Adults and children who serve as singers in one of the choirs, or as musicians or cantors who lead the community in song. Contact Pam Kane rkpk1060@aol.com for Adult Choir, Danielle Capuzzi at dmcapuzzi@verizon.net for Youth Band, and Nina Rangel at nmrangel.music@gmail for Children’s Choir.

Proclaim the Word of the God at Mass on Sundays, Holydays, weekdays and other times of worship.
Contact: Jeanne McKenna, 973-539-5957

Usher Ministry
This ministry welcomes and assists the faithful with seating, hospitality and taking up the collection. this ministry is open to all men and women.
Contact Ed Schrak at 973-539-1418

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
A program to guide children ages 4 through 11 years of age through the Liturgy of the Word during the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass during the school year.
Contact: Teresa Rangel at rangel.svprep@gmail.com 

Liturgical Environment Committee
Prepare the Church for various liturgical seasons during the year.
Contact: The Parish Office at 973-538-1418,

Baptismal Garments
The team makes the Baptismal Garments for all children being baptized during the year by Wendy Drake.
Contact: Parish Office 973-538-1418

Altar Angels
A team responsible for washing and ironing the liturgical linnes.
Contact: Pat Para at 973 538-1418

Rosary Group
The rosary is prayed daily for peace and many other intentions after the 6:30 AM, 12:10 PM Mass and the 8:00 AM Mass on Saturday morning. There is always room for you.