Youth Programs

PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) 

St. Virgil Parish is entrusted with an educational vocation. PREP has been developed to assist St. Virgil families in nurturing within our children Christ-centered lives. It is in that sense that PREP means “preparation for life”. The life-long process of growing in love and knowledge of God begins within the home, but is sustained within the faith community. Gifted individuals are called forth to instruct and share faith with our children. As Christ taught in words and deeds, we, too, are challenged to do the same. If our words are to have meaning, they must be appropriate to the ages of our children. An atmosphere of love, forgiveness, joy, and peace allows the children to begin to experience the Good News of salvation, the saving power of God among us. The desire to praise and worship God is a natural result of coming to know God as Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier. It is within this vision that they come to know themselves as gift and gifted by God who calls them to become his disciples within the home, Church, community and world. Students must be registered through the PREP office prior to attending classes. Please contact the PREP office at 973-538-1418 or to request a registration packet. The detailed PREP scheduled can be downloaded as the PREP BROCHURE.

FISH Fellowship in Spirit with Him

All Youth and Young Adult Ministries are relationships; not programs.  Our goal is to help our youth develop a personal relationship with Christ, which enables them to take ownership of their faith.  We seek to build a faith-sharing Catholic community where teens and adults can feel comfortable being themselves and use their gifts and talents to become active participants in the work of the church.  We provide spiritual, educational, service and social opportunities through our ministry program called F.I.S.H. (Fellowship in Spirit with Him).  F.I.S.H. is a ministry on a mission to empower young people to live a life of service as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. Please contact Youth Ministry at 973-538-1418 or